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Istanbul is one of the most magnificent cities in the world that you would not want to miss. Istanbul is distinctive. There is no other city that encompasses two continents. No other city has served as the capital of two prominent empires. Its revered churches, mosques, and palaces pay homage to its illustrious past. This teeming 14-million-person metropolis also has a thriving presence as a treasure trove of the arts and a shoppers’, revelers’, and foodies’ paradise. [Stock images provided by Depositphotos]

Guide to Galataport Istanbul Cruise Port: things to do, see, eat

Galataport Istanbul is Istanbul's new cruise ship port, as well as a popular attraction center along the Karakoy shores...

Istanbul has come a long way since then, becoming Turkey’s cultural and financial center and Europe’s most populous city. Istanbul, located on each side of the Bosphorus—the narrow strait connecting the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea—physically and culturally connects Asia and Europe.

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Medical Tourism in Istanbul & Turkey

Turkey, a country known for the beauty of its beaches, its antique sites, its breathtaking mosques and its exciting bazaars is becoming the number one name for medical and health tourism. Thanks to its central location, straddled between Europe, Africa and Asia, it has become favorite with patients from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia who seek affordable, yet quality medical treatments.

Top medical treatments with the medical tourists include plastic, aesthetic and cosmetic surgeries (rhinoplastytummy tuckfacelift and neck lift, mommy makeover, liposuctionbreast aestheticsBrazilian butt lift (BBL), post bariatric, etc.) dental implants, veneers and dental treatments, laser eye LASIK treatments, obesity and weight loss treatments (sleeve gastrectomy, gastric balloon, etc.), and of course without a doubt the most popular one: hair transplant in TurkeyIstanbul can be considered as the best city to have medical treatment in Turkey. And than comes the other cities such as AnkaraAntalya, and Izmir.

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