Botox in Turkey: top best doctors, clinics, cost

Botox iis a safe procedure, it is an ideal solution for you to have a new and refreshed look. This procedure is rejuvenating and revitalizes your face, evens out the lines on the face, and gives you the confidence you need. Botox has been used for years to treat wrinkles and facial creases. Here we explore everything you need to know about botox in Istanbul Turkey, things to consider, best doctors and clinics, cost.

What to Expect?

Botox can be used to treat many conditions, such as;

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  1. When you cannot control your blinking
  2. Severe underarm sweating
  3. Eyes that point in different directions

There are many areas of your body that is suitable for Botox,

  1. The eyebrows
  2. The upper lips
  3. The face
  4. Hands
  5. Feet

What is the Botox made of 

  1. It is made from the bacteria called clostridium botulinum. It is a specific type of bacteria for medical injection.
  2. It occurs naturally in soil and contaminated foods.
  3. Large amounts of botulism in your body or the bacteria in your sound can cause botulism.

How is a Botox procedure done

Botox blocks the signals from the nerves to the muscles.

The injected muscles cannot contract which will make the wrinkle relax and soften.

The Botox procedure only takes a few minutes to get done, and it does not need anesthesia.

Your doctor will use a small needle to inject Botox into the specific muscles with only minor discomfort.

It will take 7 to 14 days to take full effect.

You will need to avoid rubbing the injected areas for about 24 hours so the botox will not spread to other areas. Your doctor will advise you to sit upright for about 4 hours and stay away from exercise and alcohol.

Can botox help reduce pain?

Botox injections have been recommended to reduce pain by doctors. It blocks the nerve signals that control muscle activity which causes relaxation and pain relief.

Botox injections can treat:

  1. Nerve pain
  2. Neck pain
  3. Back pain
  4. Pelvic pain
  5. Sciatica pain

How to prepare for your procedure

You will need to tell your doctor about your past medical history and if you have had any Botox injections within the past 4 months.

You would need to tell your doctor if you take muscle relaxants, sleeping aids, and any allergy medications.

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How long does a botox shot last

The Botox effect will last for 3 to 6 months. When the muscle action begins to return, the line and wrinkles begin to reappear, and you will need to be treated again.

Selecting your doctor

When you decide to get a botox, you need it to be done by a professional and under your physician’s care.

Your botox has to be placed in the right place to avoid side effects and can be dangerous if done incorrectly.

The right doctor will discuss your condition with you and the procedure that suits you.

Why is a botox procedure done?

Botox injections usually block certain chemical signals from the nerves that make the muscles contract. These injections temporarily relax the facial muscles which will cause wrinkling in the forehead and around the eyes.

Botox injections are also used to treat certain conditions that affect how the body functions.

Some of the conditions include; 

  1. Muscle contractures: some conditions that affect the brain, such as cerebral palsy can cause your limbs to get pulled into your center. These contracted muscles can be relaxed with botox injections.
  2. Lazy eye: lay eyes are caused by the imbalance in the muscle that helps in repositioning the eyes.
  3. Chronic migraine: botox injections can help to reduce the frequency of headaches especially if you have headaches more than 15 days a month.
  4. Bladder dysfunction: a botox injection help reduce urinary continence that an overactive bladder causes.

Benefits of botox

  1. It helps with aging
  2. It enhances the natural beauty
  3. It helps to reduce excessive sweating
  4. It helps to deal with pain
  5. It helps to treat chronic migraines
  6. It helps to create bladder control with an overactive bladder

What to expect with a botox

Before your botox

Before your botox for the first time, you will need to meet with your doctor for a consultation. During your consultation. You will tell your doctor about your medical history and this will help him ensure the botox is the right choice for you.

After your consultation, they would have answered all your questions, and you would know the amount of botox you will be getting.

During your botox treatment

Your first treatment will be quick and easy and can be done in 20 minutes. Your doctor uses a thin needle to inject tiny amounts of botulinum toxin into your skin or muscles.

After your botox

After your botox, you do not need initial downtime or recovery, you can resume most of your normal activities and your doctor will advise you against rubbing the injected areas.

Botox in Turkey

If you decide to have your Botox in Turkey, you’ll find out it’s a great idea. Turkey is one of the best places to have any surgery or medical tretment done, and it is cost-effective and affordable for everyone.

Why is Turkey a Popular Destination for Botox?

Turkey is an exceptionally popular destination for medical tourism for a variety of reasons! First, the country has a long history of medical excellence. In fact, many of the world’s most renowned cosmetic medical schools are located in Turkey. This means that there are plenty of experienced medical professionals to provide high-quality care.

Second, Turkey is a relatively affordable destination for medical tourism. The costs of medical procedures and treatments are often much lower than in other countries, such as the EU or US. This makes it an attractive option for people who want to receive quality care without spending a fortune.

Finally, Turkey is a beautiful country with plenty to explore and discover. After receiving treatment, many medical tourists take advantage of the opportunity to explore all that the country has to offer.  From its stunning coastline to its vibrant cities, Turkey is an unforgettable destination!

Istanbul can be considered as the best city to have a Botox in Turkey. And then comes the other cities such as Ankara, Antalya, and Izmir.

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