Guide to Galataport Istanbul Cruise Port: things to do, see, eat

Galataport Istanbul is Istanbul’s new cruise ship port, as well as a popular attraction center along the Karakoy shores along Bosphorus. It is a modern and recently opened cruise port that serves as a gateway for visitors to explore the city’s cultural and historical attractions. Find out the top things to do, see, eat, drink, shopping, local tips, getting to and from, shore excursions with our useful guide.

Quick Overview

The Galataport Istanbul, or Istanbul Cruise Port, is located on the coasts of the Galata, Karakoy, and Tophane areas, at the entry to the Bosphorus and Golden Horn. The new Galataport was finished in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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It currently serves cruise ships and all passengers in Istanbul. And Istanbul is already a popular cruise destination along the Mediterranean. The port can also accommodate the world’s largest cruise ships. What’s more, Galatport is the world’s first underground cruise ship terminal.

Galataport Istanbul is home to several cultural and arts centers, a world-class cruise terminal, a port hotel, and an entertainment district with a variety of brands, cafés, restaurants, and offices.

With its accessible and low-rise buildings, architecture constructed in a neighborhood concept, in harmony with the historical texture of the region, and substitute transportation options, Galataport Istanbul provides a “breathing” healthy and safe culture-arts, shopping, dining, and wining experience to its guests.

Location Map

Things to Do at Galataport

Galataport not only has a world-class terminal, but it also has a wide range of leisure choices, from art and culture to food and shopping. The Galataport promenade offers stunning views of the Bosphorus and the historic city skyline. You can stroll along the waterfront, take in the sights, and stop at one of the many cafes or restaurants for a bite to eat.

Galataport Terminal

The new terminal at the port is 29,000 square meters in size and can accommodate 15,000 people and three ships each day. The terminal’s entrance is located in Block D. The cruise ship terminal is unique in that it is the first in the world to be constructed underground.

Furthermore, while no ship is in port, it employs a novel and revolutionary hatch mechanism that provides a temporary security and customs area. Check-in locations, customs, passenger waiting areas, and cargo and passport control systems are also situated underground, as is road access with minibusses, taxis, and tour buses.


If you enjoy food, you should surely explore Galataport’s restaurant selection. Almost half of Galataport’s rentable area has been earmarked for dining enterprises, indicating that dining experiences will be crucial in the complex, slated to become “Istanbul’s new gastronomy quarter.”

The Populist, Mezzaluna, and Cafer Erol are only a few of the national and international cafes and restaurants that serve the most exquisite flavors of global and Turkish cuisine. From Istanbul Street food to worldwide gourmet delicacies, a vast variety suits all tastes and budgets.


You may look forward to going on a shopping frenzy at Galataport! The neighborhood is home to various businesses and boutiques, ranging from low-cost to high-end brands. Whether you’re shopping for apparel, jewelry, books, or home furnishings, you’re likely to find it in one of the stores.

Tour Booking Advice

Suggestion: The Galataport Istanbul Mobile App can help you find a certain store or brand. The free software has a navigation tool that allows you to locate a certain business or restaurant quickly. It also provides exclusive incentives and services such as free high-speed Wi-Fi and the “Find My Car” option.

Culture and Arts

Galataport is slated to become Istanbul’s new arts and culture center. It is home to two world-class museums: the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art and the Mimar Sinan University Museum of Painting and Sculpture.

Furthermore, the refurbished Tophane Square, which includes the Tophane Clock Tower, which Sultan Abdulmejid commissioned in 1848, is Turkey’s first museum square, encompassing approximately 14,000 square meters. In addition, Galataport hosts a range of cultural, artistic, and design events throughout the year.

How to Get to Galataport Istanbul?

Galataport is located on the shore of Istanbul’s Karaköy neighborhood, just across from and adjacent to the Historical Peninsula.

By foot

It is a 15–20-minute walk from numerous significant attractions, including Taksim Square and Galata Tower.

By public transportation

Galataport is well-served by public transportation, with metro, tram, bus, and Marmara stops close. Taking the Kabataş-Baclar Tram line T1 to Tophane station is the quickest way to go from Sultanahmet to Galataport.

What is the best way to go from Galataport to the City Center?

You will have it easier because Galataport is located in the middle of the city, adjacent to all of the city’s major sights and noises, within walking distance or a short tram ride. The Bagcilar-Kabatas tram (T1 line) or public buses are the easiest ways to go to Istanbul’s major tourist zones, including Sultanahmet, Galata, and Taksim.

For tram stations, see the Istanbul Railway Network Map, and for ferries, see the Istanbul Ferry Lines Map.

Alternatively, you may take a cab, which will undoubtedly be more expensive but will ensure that you arrive at your cruise on time. You may save stress and hassle by purchasing a Private Guided Istanbul Highlights Tour.

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