Guide to Kadikoy in Istanbul: things to do, see, places to eat, drink

Kadikoy is one of the most popular and important meeting points of Istanbul, as well as one of the most popular districts of the Asian Side with its lively city atmosphere. Here we explore top things to do, see, places to eat, drink and stay in Kadikoy with local expert help.

Some Quick Overview

Kadikoy had been an important settlement for the Christian world throughout history. The district today is one of the places where the heart of the city has been thrown in cultural and artistic terms. When you visit Kadikoy you will experience and enjoy a district that will admire you with its beautiful coastline, historical buildings, art and culture activities, shops, bazaars, cafes, restaurants and bars.

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Exploring Kadikoy – What to Do & See?

Kadikoy Pier

Kadıkoy Pier, also known as the “old pier”, is also the symbol of Kadikoy, as well as a popular meeting point. The historical pier is a popular place where you can feel the charming city life with its wooden décor, embroidered ceilings and inspiring view.

Haydarpasa Train Station

Built in 1908, the historical Haydarpasa Train Station is without a doubt is one of the symbolic buildings of the Kadikoy district. It worth a visit and take lots of photos.

Kadıköy Market (Carsi)

The market zone of Kadikoy is one of the most special places you should visit in order to shop and observe the dynamics of the neighborhood. Here you can explore many shops and markets fish, spice, food to antique shops.

Kadikoy Fish Market

Kadikoy Fish Market is one of the most colorful bazaars of Istanbul. Always a chirping market, you can find all kinds of food and drink such as cookies, appetizers, nuts, healing teas, spices, seafood fresh and fruit vegetables.

Kadikoy Antiques Market

This antiques market is one of the other colored places of the Kadikoy district. You can all kinds of antique items from the ballot box to coffee table, from lamp to rugs, from seat to candlesticks and paintings. There are even 150 year old fancy trinkets and gold leaf mirrors.

Bahariye Street

Bahariye Street is one of the busiest places of the neighborhood with its tram, many lively shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants. Bahariye street can be considered as the Istiklal Street on the Asian side of Istanbul.

Bull Statue

When you walk to the famous Bahariye Street from the back streets of Kadikoy, and continue towards Altiyol, you’ll see the famous Bull Statue. The history of the statue, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2014, is also quite interesting. It was first ordered by Sultan Abdulaziz to decorate the palace gardens in 1864 and the sculpture was made by the artist Jules Bonheur in Paris. The sculpture, which was lost with many sculptures in the city, reappeared in the 1940s and was put in various parts of Istanbul until 1987.

The Artists Street

If you go through Bahariye Street from the square where the Bull statue is located and enter the left, you will encounter a different world. This is the famous Artists Street decorated with colored parquet stones, sculptures and plates. There is a rich exhibition consisting of silver jewelry, stone works, candles, embroidery, braids, porcelain and ceramics on the street where the products of painters, sculptors, jewels and ceramics are exhibited.

The Sureyya Opera House

Dating back to 1927s, the Sureyya Opera was first built by the order of Süreyya Pasha, inspired by the operas in Germany, Paris and Vienna. The Opera house building has an eye-catching architecture with its balcony structure, frescoes and paintings, is one of the symbols of Istanbul’s social life.

Kadife Street – the Bars Street

The Kadife Street, mostly referred to as “Bars Street” due to the intense bar population in the region, is a lively street in the region. You can enjoy listening to live music in almost every place and you can spend a great night-out at the variety of great bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants here.

Ayia Triada Church

Located in a beautiful and large garden in the Kadikoy district, at Bahariye, the Ayia Triada Church has a history of more than a hundred years. The historical church, built using white marble, opens its doors to its visitors only on Sundays for the morning ritual.

Tour Booking Advice

Fenerbahce Park

Fenerbahce Park is one of the most beautiful places for a great relaxing day out and do  outdoor sports.

Bagdat Street

Bagdat Street is one of the most famous and classy streets of Istanbul. You are able to find many stores of the world brands here. Bagdat Street is also considered as one of the best shopping streets in the world. You’ll also find variety of quality and luxury cafes on the street offering a pleasant break for those who go for a shopping tour in the city.

Istanbul Toy Museum

At one time, Istanbul Oyuncak Müzesi was a well-known toy store that carried a wide range of traditional Turkish dolls and toys.

It was eventually transformed into a museum in Istanbul’s Göztepe neighborhood, on the city’s Asian side, displaying over 4,000 distinct toys, puppets, and miniature sets from all around Turkey, Europe, and the world. It provides you and your children with fascinating insights into the history of toys, with many of its components dating back centuries.

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