Guide to Polonezkoy in Istanbul: things to do, see, places to eat, drink

Polonezkoy is pretty Polish village and one of the most popular Istanbul escapes where you can take a sigh of relief away from the chaos and noise of Istanbul. You will feel yourself here both in the city and away from the city. Polonezkoy is very ideal for those who want to reward themselves for a day-to-day or weekend away from the city and business life or daily life and want to relax without going too far from Istanbul. Here we explore history, top things to do, see, places to eat, drink and stay in Polonezkoy, a Polish village to visit for Istanbul escapes, with local expert help.

Quick Info & History

Located in the Beykoz district of Istanbul, Polonezkoy is situated about 15-20 kilometers from the city center.

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Dating back to 1842, after the partition of the Polish state in 1842 by its neighbors Austria, Russia and Prussia, the village was supported by the Ottoman Empire, which did not accept the partition of Poland.

The village were founded by the Poles and there are still people living. The village land was purchased by Prince Adam Czartoryski (leader of the Poles) who took refuge in Turkey at that time, with the order of the leader Michal Czajkowski, who was a soldier and also a writer, and afterwards the Poles settled here. The Poles, who later became Ottoman citizens, contributed to the state as a loyal and productive society.

This village, which was first established for the purpose of farm, animal husbandry and forestry, then started to host its first vacationer guests after the World War II. With its lush nature and clean air, it gives you the feeling that you are far away.

Exploring Polonezkoy – What to Do & See?

Here you can experience and enjoy a range of activities from walking and hiking tracks, playgrounds for children, historical houses, famous breakfasts and dining at the many good quality restaurants and cafes. You’ll also find a range of accommodation opportunities.

You can start your day out here with a delicious village. Most of the products here are considered to be organic and healthy.

During the day you can ride a horse, take a walk with the abundance of oxygen in nature, or explore the historical beauties of the village up close. Zofia Rizi Memorial House or Church of the Virgin Mary of Czestochova are the top places to visit and see.

The Polonezkoy Glass Arts Center is another lovely place where you can follow the glass workshops held in certain periods, or buy variety of glass products for your loved ones.

The Poart Gallery and Polonezköy Culture House also attracts the visitors with several workshops, exhibitions and cultural activities throughout the year.

Dine & Wine

You’ll find variety of pretty restaurants and meat-barbecue places designed in different cultures and styles in Polonezkoy. You can also taste the local Polish delicacies first in Polonezkoy.

Tour Booking Advice

Some of the restaurants and gardens are outdoors in the garden environment, and some are in the indoor environment. You can find special home cooking almost everywhere.


You are also able to find a range of accommodation facilities in Polonezkoy as the village is quite developed in terms of tourism. The most beautiful part of the village is that it attracts people with its distinctive air in both summer and winter.

Hotels, hostels and various boutique hotels are the most ideal areas for accommodation. And some of these boutique hotels are managed by the old locals of the village as a family business.

How to Get There?

Polonezkoy is located in the Beykoz district on the Asian side. If you pass the Acarlar site after turning to Kavacik junction on the Asian side, you can see the Polonezkoy signs.

After exiting the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, you can easily see and enter the Kavacik Junction. From the Asian side you can take the Kavacik exit befor ethe Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge, and reach Polonezkoy from there.

It is also possible to reach Polonezkoy via the TEM highway. It will be possible for those coming from TEM to reach the region if they continue on the old Sile road and continue to the left when they reach Cumhuriyet Village.

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