Nightlife in Istanbul: best activities, neighborhoods, bars, nightclubs

Istanbul is the cultural center of Turkey, so you’ll know that the night-life here is going to be top-notch. The arts, film, cultural and music festivals take place here round the year, because it is the tourist attraction in the city. Here you can explore our complete guide to the nightlife in Istanbul, neighborhoods guide to the best clubs, bars and hangouts, the best activities to do at night in Istanbul, top neighborhoods, venues, bars, the liveliest nightclubs, and some unmissable events such as bar crawl and Bosphorus dinner cruises with entertainment.

Istanbul at night

Istanbul is known to be a safe place, so you can go out at night, take strolls and enjoy the night party life. Make sure to avoid shady neighborhoods and stay on lively streets.

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Best Neighborhoods for Nightlife in Istanbul

Taksim Square

This is the popular center of nightlife. For a perfect time out, this place is dotted with lots of the best of clubs, bars and lavish hotels that everyone can go dancing, drinking and other fun activities.

Some lively places to enjoy the intense nightlife in Istanbul


If you’re looking for a great meal while you’re in town, there’s something for everyone in Istanbul.

This year more than 50 restaurants in Istanbul awarded with Michelin stars. Majority of the best restaurants below are listed on the 2023 Michelin-starred restaurants in Istanbul. From Turkish cuisine to international favorites, check out of our best restaurants in Istanbul and favorites in this international city!

Best restaurants in Istanbul


When it comes to having a great drink, there is no shortage of quality in Istanbul. The city has a superb range of quality bars and pubs spread through the liveliest neighborhoods.

Crowded street restaurants in small downtown alley at night with bars and restaurants. Istanbul, Turkey.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to entertain with you friends by night, or celebrate, party or just a fun hangout, below you can find our choice of the best bars in Istanbul.

Best Bars in Istanbul

Irish pubs

When it comes to having a great beer or drink, some traditional Irish music, watching some sports, or have a fun night out at an authentic atmosphere in the city, Irish pubs are the best choice in Istanbul.

Majority of the great bars in Istanbul can be found in Taksim, Istiklal Street and Nevizade Street, Galata and Karakoy neighborhoods in Beyoglu district, as well as Sisli, Besiktas and Kadikoy districts. Find out the best Irish pubs in Istanbul.

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Best Irish Pubs in Istanbul

Rooftop restaurants and bars

There are some fantastic rooftops bars that are in Istanbul, and they offer stunning views of the city, this is also perfect for a romantic night or an evening with friends.

From enjoying the incredible views of the Bosphorus Strait to watching the sun set over the Golden Horn, these places offer an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Here are some of our favorite and best rooftop restaurants and bars in Istanbul!

Best Rooftop restaurants and bars in Istanbul


Istanbul has a good reputation for its being a lively a party city, featuring a good of nightclubs to party and enjoy your night in the city. Each nightclub and venue has its own characteristics and amazing night time scenery for its guests.

You can explore the top nightclubs in Istanbul with our pick of the top travelers’ choice. The exotic nightclubs in the city are known their its lavish parties and exquisite posh crowd. Whether you’re a club goer or simply enjoy a good night out, here are the top best nightclubs in Istanbul.

Best nightclubs in Istanbul

Wine Houses

There are a lot of great wines in Istanbul that you can enjoy and have a stunning night out with wine tasting and delight.

Some fun activities to enjoy the night-time in Istanbul

Alternate night-life, if you want something different on a night out, they are other things you can get entertained with, belly dancing, folkloric shows, whirling dervishes and more.

Have mystical evening out with Whirling Dervishes Show

The Whirling Dervishes Show will take you to another realm! It can be considered as one of the most mystical ceremonies in the world. During the performance, you will get supernatural sensations.

It is, without a doubt, one of Istanbul’s must-see sights. It is a spectacular religious event said to bring dervishes closer to God. This Mevlevi spiritual ceremony will leave you feeling calm and wonderful! The best way to experience Istanbul’s entertainment by night.

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Have a fun night-out at Galataport

Galataport Istanbul is home to several cultural and arts centers, a world-class cruise terminal, a port hotel, and an entertainment district with a variety of brands, cafés, restaurants, and offices.

With its accessible and low-rise buildings, architecture constructed in a neighborhood concept, in harmony with the historical texture of the region, and substitute transportation options, Galataport Istanbul provides a “breathing” healthy and safe culture-arts, shopping, dining, and wining experience to its guests.

Visit a Turkish bath

There is always something magical about the famous Turkish bath. The relaxing oil massage followed by a body wash that will make you feel like a new person. Turkish baths are really very ideal for those who want to relax and deal to unwind at any time. When it comes to find out where to relax on your busy Istanbul city break, the historical Turkish bath and hammam ritual is one of the genuine must-dos in Istanbul.

Come along and discover  the best hammams in Istanbul to enjoy this unique experience in these Turkish baths.

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Galata Bridge

A walk on this bridge is highly recommended for tourists. The main attraction on this bridge is the famous Golden horn waters that will definitely take your breath away at first sight.

You can also enjoy the Turkish cuisine at cheaper prices here. if you are in Istanbul for a romantic getaway, this is your spot. There are street vendors that will serve you excellent cuisine. A walk on the galata bridge which spans the golden horn waters under the starry sky is the perfect romantic gesture.

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